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Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard. Advertisements - Register to remove. I have fumbles at 40 and i'm getting atleast per side each game. Played 3 games today so far. And you have yours at 91? Quote: Originally Posted by extremeskins04 I have fumbles at 40 and i'm getting atleast per side each game. GoJags and rickpersak like this. Watching a game right now between the Bucs and Cardinals. Quick question, do you put any of the sliders in the main menu or only the franchise? Also, do you change any main menu settings other than the speed threshold? MvPeterson and rickpersak like this. Giving these a shot right now! Appreciate you posting these! Sent from my iPhone using Operation Sports. Everything else looks good to me. There is a bug in the game making the sacks worse, where the QB stutter steps backwards at times when feeling pressure up the middle, this is the main culprit. Dazza1 and ShaneTheMaster like this. Last edited by rickpersak; at PM. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off.

Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard. Matt10's Madden 20 Sliders Background : I just love sliders, or gameplay customization, in general. It's been a huge part of my digital presence. From editing individual stats in Maddento creating NCAA sliders with the OS community back when my oldest boy who's 6 now had a front row cradle on my computer desk. I have goals for this "20" season though. Focus of the Sliders : It's always about animations for me. Animations are the confirmation of whether logic exists or not. They can be triggered and recreated through a proper sequence, but with sliders the source of finding those sequences could be an endless battle. I love it though, and I love seeing different animations play out. From there it's making sure they are contextual to the goal at hand. So, in addition to animations, of course I want there to be realism. The reason I like realism is because that now creates a sense of challenge, which is usually the whole point of all this. For those that followed my Madden 19 Slidersyou may see some similar theories applied. I took a real big deep dive into default values and tested a lot on finding isolation points. I exited Madden for the first time today, already logging 40 hours since I got it on the PC. I've done a rework from the ground up with them, and am quite happy with the results. The goal was to make All-Pro feel similar to All-Madden, but still maintain the benefits that AP has always brought, which is adhere to player ratings and gameplay sliders a lot more than All-Madden. The biggest issue though, especially this patch update, is how much more of a push-over the AP difficulty has been in Madden From the CPU QB holding onto the ball too long, or running backs not hitting their holes with any conviction, and defenders not taking advantage of poor decision making from the user. These have each been addressed, and as a result some values are more extreme than others, but also some may not stand out as obvious until you start playing the games. Of course, I've explained my decisions for the values in the sub section of the gameplay slider. Note: I've also made a note of Fatigue and how I've personally been using it at I still believe the set is best at 50, but if you want a bit more depth tested and maybe a calmer feel to a low threshold set, the fatigue as a modifier is always a good route. I am weary of it because of my past experiences throughout the sets on this thread though, which is why 52 is the max I'd raise the value. If the offense is in a tight formation zone coverage is better since tight formations typically have short slant plays. The idea behind playing zone is to give up yards but prevent a first down. Man coverage is better for letting your players make plays on the ball to get an interception, but is more likely to give up big gains down field. Consider Man coverage when wideouts are lined up wide on both sides and there are still a lot of yards ahead of the offense. If receivers are all on one side then man may or may not be a good idea, but that can be determine based on the situation. The idea of man coverage is to allow your dbs a chance to out play the wrs and hopefully get a pick. Expect to give up chunk plays in man coverage. Pressing makes coverage better on wideouts not TE or HB in the short term, this is only helpful if you believe you can pressure the QB quickly. Lastly pressure on the QB is what makes this all work. Typically once one of your D line sheds a block the cpu QB is going to try and dump off a pass, this also happens when there is a defender running freely unblocked towards them. If you can do this with only 3 DL men your going to have a lot more success in pass coverage, so it really helps to have DL men that have great block shed, also a speedy defensive end can go completely around the oline if controlled by the user. If your having trouble getting pressure you might call some blitz plays. Zone blitz plays are safer, but will likely still give up short to medium passes, man blitz plays are a big gamble that can result in a turnover or a td if it fails. This game requires several pre-snap user inputs on nearly every defensive play.

Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard. Advertisements - Register to remove. I am thinking about being a guinea pig when I first game and call my own plays on offense and defense to see how the sliders play out. Of course I will be realistic with my play calls and still user only the DL. I noticed using the suggested plays screen leaves out a lot of formations and play calls from both the offensive and defensive playbooks. Ill report back with my findings. Quote: Originally Posted by Houston This is just my own opinion it is your game and you can choose to play it however way you feel like gives you the best results your looking for, but in my opinion when playing the CPU when picking your own plays offense and defense no matter how sim you try to be is not equal to what the CPU will call or defend. The CPU picks plays quickly and based off suggestions not a A. This is why I setup the settings, sliders etc and my house rules for this set to get the most realistic results. By all means do what you like and prefer, but calling your own plays and not suggestions will always be a advantage over the CPU. I look at suggestions plays as making it fair Hum vs. CPU and being on the same playing field. If you were to play another human person then yes conventional play calling is fair for both users as your using the same method and are on the same playing field as long as your using the current teams specific playbooks. Just my opinion and how I look at playing the CPU with my house rules in place for a reason. Houston likes this. Quote: Originally Posted by mathey Ravens beat Dolphins 44 to 3. Ravens yards. Dolphins yards. Penalties 1 for 5 Ravens. Ingram got hurt after 10 carries for 21 yards. Lamar had 5 rushes for Fins drake had 13 carries for No big performances receiving both team spread the ball around.

Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard. Matt10's Madden 20 Sliders 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last Page. Pro sliders? Need a good sim stat slider. CFM sliders 1 2. DaReal Milticket. Pro Default Sliders 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Schnaidt1s Madden 20 sliders 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Mike Lowe Madden 20 Sliders 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Mike Lowe. Best Sliders for a player new to All Madden. Fatigue at 0. Coverage sliders. Armor and Sword. Do sliders matter when you sim? Advertisements - Register to remove. Mark This Forum Read. View Parent Forum. Search this Forum : Advanced Search. BB code is On. Smilies are On. All times are GMT

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Madden 20: RFL CPU vs CPU Simulation Sliders (Set 2)

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